Who we are

Founded in 2012, The Newport Group is a collection of financial, legal and tax management specialists.

In our short life we have represented over 1,000 clients, from high net worth individuals to ordinary families. Every day we help investors to navigate the murky waters of tax management.

And we support victims of failed tax schemes as they claim against the agents, schemes and institutions who put their financial futures at risk.


What we do

As tax management specialists, we work closely with various HMRC divisions to help clients find answers and clarity. And more favourable settlement terms.

We also coordinate legal and financial support with regulated partners, so investors who’ve been let down can find a voice and claim against the parties that failed them. Whether it’s individuals or as a group, we represent investors and help them to pursue meaningful financial relief.


Our people

Since finance industry experts Phil Porter and Nick Wood joined forces to launch The Newport Group, we have built a team of specialists in various disciplines. Our experts help clients to get back on top. And our support ensures they stay there.

Boasting a century of experience, The Newport Group keep strong working relationships with regulated third party experts, technologists and various HMRC divisions. We’re here to help people manage their tax affairs and to address the injustices of failed tax schemes. Basically, we help people rebuild their lives in all the ways that matter.







Litigation funding

Newport Group clients come to us in varying states of financial distress. But together we can still take on the schemes, agents and institutions behind failed tax and investment structures. We offer our own litigation funding and we source third-party litigation funding based on favourable terms. Fees are only settled following a successful claim at the end of proceedings.


Tax management

When it comes to tax the goalposts often shift. So it’s essential that investors keep influential and specialist assistance on-side. The Newport Group holds more than a century of experience in the field of tax management. In muddy waters we make sure you can clearly see what’s ahead.


Group claims

It’s tough and expensive for individuals to pursue legal action against fallen schemes and institutions. So we like to build larger group claims to strengthen our numbers and our case. The bigger the group claim, the more weight, credibility and attention we’ll get and the greater the chance of finding funding, success and relief for investors.


Individual claims

We’re here to support individual claims, whether it’s against SIP providers, offshore pension funds or life insurance structures. Together we can work through legacy problems, pursuing relief and redress where possible.


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